Barsaris is a Barcelona based startup producing high-quality customisable watches. They have asked me to design their first watch prototypes and their identity, so they could present the project to potential investors. Their target client is mid-age people, who have a traditional way-of-life but, at the same time, keep a youth soul. Barsaris identity is based on the conflict between the traditional and the disruptive.

Barsaris Logo (Daniel Cavalcanti)_Logo sobre color secundario 2
Barsaris Logo (Daniel Cavalcanti)_Logo sobre color secundario

The watches design is composed by two layers. The top one displays the corporate colours, logotype and roman numbers. It is cut in a way (there are two types of cut) so that one can see a bottom layer, containing illustrations typically associated to a more disruptive personality. The costumer can choose between different colours, top-layer shape, and illustration.

Barsaris Cards (Daniel Cavalcanti)