Juliana Rabello

Identity design

Client: Juliana Rabello

Juliana Rabello is an illustrator and motion designer specialised in hand-made projects.

The identity that I created for her is based on a stamp that can be used to print both of her initials. The stamp is also used to generate endless illustrations, and allows her to create her own business cards and stationery elements.

Carimbo 2 Juliana Rabello (danielcavalcanti.com)
Cartao negro Juliana Rabello (danielcavalcanti.com)
A4 Juliana Rabelo 2 (danielcavalcanti.com)
Carimbo Juliana Rabelo (danielcavalcanti.com)
Cartao cores Juliana Rabello (danielcavalcanti.com)
A4 Juliana Rabelo 0 (danielcavalcanti.com)