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ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences is the leading physics research centre in Spain. They have asked me to create logos for three research projects involving networks of European partners from industry and academy. Given the complexity and diversity of each project, the main challenge was to find simple ways of conveying core concepts that synthesize each of them, so that each partner can feel represented.

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2D-SIPC is a project devoted to develop two-dimensional waveguides, materials in which photons, the elementary particles of light, can travel. The logo illustrates that concept, by transforming the hyphen at the project acronym into a particle of light traveling inside the logotype letters.

CiViQ deals with information processing using continuous-variable quantum systems. The logo was inspired by the wave patterns tipically observed in their measurement data. The lines also represent each partner and give a feeling of evolution from a single starting point.

QMIC project has a differential interference contrast microscope as one of its main elements of research. The logo boorrows the basic structure of this type of microscope, composed by a sample sandwiched by lenses.

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