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ICFO is the leading physics research center in Spain. They coordinate several research projects in which different international partners from academia and industry participate. Since 2018, I have been creating logos for some of these projects, which involve a variety of complex and disruptive topics. I always seek to find simple ways to convey the central concepts that synthesize each project, so that the main message is transmitted and each partner feels represented.

DAALI is a project that investigates how to build new approaches for atom-light interfaces.The logo is created by the substitution of one of the letters A by a typical diagram representing an interaction between atom and light.

OPTOlogic aims at developing new photonic technologies to implement logical gates. The logo identifies the logical sequence 0110 within the name, mimicking the projects’ basic idea of generating bits using optical tricks.


2D-SIPC explores new quantum device concepts based on waveguides based on 2D materials. The logo illustrates the concept of a waveguide, which is that a path within a material in which photons (the elementary particles of light) can travel.

CiViQ is a project aiming at developing quantum technology devices using continuous-variable systems. The logo is inspired in the wavy shape of the measurement results observed in this type of systems, and also represents the partners of the project growing in parallel.

QMIC aims at developing differential interference contrast microscopes. The logo reproduces the main structure of such type of microscopes, composed by a series of lens sandwiching the sample of interest.

VASCOVID aims to develop a mobile platform for the evaluation of microvascular health in COVID-19 patients that are in intensive care units. The platform will be easily deployable since it is non-invasive, portable and practical. The logo is inspired on the patient's arm vasculature and position when being measured by Vascovid's device.


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