Scientific Logos
Service: logo design 

Client: ICFO-The institute of Photonic Sciences

Year: 2018

ICFO is the leading physics research centre in Spain. They have asked me to create the logos of three research projects that they coordinate. These projects involve a network of European partners from industry and academy. Given the complexity of each project, the main challenge was to find simple ways of conveying core concepts that synthesise each of them, so that each partner can feel represented.


The logo of 2D-SIPC illustrates the concept of a waveguide (the main subject of the project), which is that a path within a material in which photons (the elementary particles of light) can travel.


CiViQ is a project aiming at developing quantum technology devices using continuous-variable systems. The logo is inspired in the wavy shape of the measurement results observed in this type of systems, and also represents the partners of the project growing in parallel.


QMIC aims at developing differential interference contrast microscopes. The logo reproduces the main structure of such type of microscopes, composed by a series of lens sandwiching the sample of interest.


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