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MIRO, the Millennium Institute for Research in Optics, is the main research institute committed to fundamental science and technology based on light in Chile. It involves 8 research groups spread in 5 universities and is funded the National Agency of Research and Development at the Chilean Ministry of Science.

They reached me with two problems. First, their logo had several technical and legibility problems and did not properly expressed the impact and quality of the institute. Second, they needed to create a website that could express their impact, give them international visibility and attract young and talented researchers.

The new logo incorporates the main concept of the previous one (the wave pattern) in a typographic way, creating a more recognizable and modern logo that is legible in all sizes and different environments.

«By being an active researcher, Daniel understood our motivation for having this website out and the mindset of our target audience.»

Felipe Herrera, Director


The new website was structured to easily convey the necessary information to each one of MIRO's audience (researchers, students, policy makers), and to highlight the results and activities performed by the institute.


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