I am a graphic designer working from Barcelona to clients everywhere. I help people and companies to communicate their projects effectively. I believe in a concept-based approach to design, in which core ideas are first identified, and later serve as guiding threads for the design process. As a result, effective graphic solutions are used to add value and communicate effectively the main values of each project to the target audience.

I am also a PhD in Physics, and have a special love for projects related to science and technology. 

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«Daniel curated the visual identity, website, and all artistic process related to our Qplaylearn platform. We are extremely happy of the result and even more of the collaboration with him. We are convinced that his profound expertise on quantum physics, combined with his fantastic design skills and creativity, make him unique. In our case this allowed him to have a key role in the creation of qplaylearn branding and identity. On a personal level, all the QPlayLearn team really enjoyed the interaction and discussion with him and we think they were crucial in understanding what Qplaylearn wants to communicate to the audience and how to achieve such communication effectively.»

Sabrina Maniscalco
CEO at QPLaylearn

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We hired Dani to carry out the design a various logos for scientific projects for the institute. Working with him has been a nurturing experience. Dani's expertise gives added value to the work he does since he does not only see the project from a graphic designer's point of view but also from a scientific point of view. His scientific background has allowed him to create logos and carry out the branding that are very well aligned with the research projects since each of these embed the scientific concept/goal/objective within, in some occasions in a very direct and visible way and in others, in subtle but clever approach.

Alina Hirschmann
Corporate Communications at ICFO

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When we first contacted Daniel we were looking to get a logo but had no idea how to address the creation process. The objectives and different stages of the collaboration were quickly stated and the working scheduled was clearly defined at the beginning of the project so we were sure what to expected and when we would be getting the draft and final versions. Our interactions and discussions resulted very helpful to think about what values we wanted to transmit but also to learn how to identify key items defining a logo and how different companies working in the same sector express their values through their own logos. The resulting logo was very satisfactory and fully met our expectations.

Roger Ponce
CEO at Lumidian

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We are pleased with the results, the good communication, helpful advice and documented instructions for basic maintenance of the website. We appreciate that, by being an active researcher, Daniel understood our motivation and the mindset of our target audience. 

Felipe Herrera
Director of the Millenium Institute for Research in Optics

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Daniel quickly understood the key message that we wanted to transmit and surprised us with his creativity. The final result is a beautiful and versatile identity design that represents every aspect of the quantumcat community. We are very happy with it.

María Marti
Knowledge and Technology Trasfer Manager at ICFO

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