Noturno (Daniel Cavalcanti) – Capa

Marcos Braccini is a brazilian composer. He commissioned me to create the artwork of his second album, Noturno, with two ideas in mind. First, the art should be a visual expression of the soberness of his music. Second, it should reflect his influences from contemporary bands.

The solution was to use solid textures with sober colours as the main visual element of the artwork. Then, an original packaging was developed to contain the liner notes , which consists of individual cards where the information of each song was displayed in different directions. The result is a cd with a serious and modern look.

Noturno (Daniel Cavalcanti) – encarte 4
Noturno (Daniel Cavalcanti) – encarte 3
Noturno (Daniel Cavalcanti) – encarte
Noturno (Daniel Cavalcanti) – completo