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Algorithmiq is a quantum startup that develops advanced quantum algorithms to solve complex problems in life sciences. Its mission is to revolutionize the life science industry, exploring the potential of quantum technology to solve currently inaccessible problems.

I have developed a brand strategy and visual identity framework for Algorithmiq that reflects its vision and commitment to quantum computing. Our collaboration encompassed branding, verbal communication, webdesign, as well as a comprehensive visual language including a new logo, typography, graphics and color palette.

The visual language was created using a real quantum computer to generate illustrations through an intrinsically quantum random process. This approach results in a unique graphic language that, taken to an extreme, would be impossible to produce on normal computers.

This visual identity, is accompained by a set of messages that highlight the idea that quantum computers need good algorithms to be useful, shifting the conversation from hardware to software on quantum computing.

We also developed the slogan – Bringing Quantum to Life – that expresses both the idea of ​​making quantum computing happen and of applying it in the field of Life Sciences.

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