Brand strategy
Identity design
Web design
Art direction
Illustration and motion graphics (by Juliana Rabello)

QPlayLearn is an on-line platform containing multimedia resources for learning about quantum science and technologies in a playful way. Their innovative method makes use of online games and videos to make the learning process more effective, fun, and accessible.

The brand identity created for QPlayLearn expresses the playfulness, creativity and diversity of their approach. We used a flexible, colorful, but yet methodological identity, to convey the idea that anyone can learn quantum physics.


Having the company’s name as a starting point, the brand was based on the letter Q, which is frequently used to designate “quantum”. The visual identity uses a 6x6 grid to generate an infinite number of Q forms that give a fresh and dynamic narrative to the brand. The same grid was used to create animations that illustrate the different levels of education and target audiences of QPlayLearn.


Alongside with the visual identity, a messaging strategy was developed consisting in playing with the letter Q’s sound. A series of fun phrases were created to express the company’s positioning, attitude, and values.


A set of illustrations was created to express the different levels of education offered by QPlayLearn, and to connect with their 3 main target audiences (high-school students, university students and quantum technology companies). These illustrations were also based on the 6x6 grid used for the visual identity.


«We are convinced that Daniel's profound expertise on quantum physics, combined with his fantastic design skills and creativity, make him unique. In our case this allowed him to have a key role in the creation of qplaylearn branding and identity.

On a personal level, all the QPlayLearn team really enjoyed the interaction and discussion with him and we think they were crucial in understanding what Qplaylearn wants to communicate to the audience and how to achieve such communication effectively.»

Sabrina Maniscalco, CEO

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